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Bridging the Gender Gap: Encouraging Girls in STEM Starts at Home

Huffington Post – The 21st century has been defined by rapid innovation in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields — a trend showing no signs of slowing down. In 2011, women surpassed men in attaining bachelor’s and advanced degrees for the first time, according to the U.S. Census. Despite these developments, a gender gap persists in the STEM workforce …

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Girls good at math half as likely to study STEM

On Campus – Women are avoiding some of the most lucrative degrees York University (Jessica Darmanin) Young Canadian women who are good at math in high school are half as likely as young men who excel in the subject to choose math-heavy STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and computer science) in university, according to a new analysis by Statistics Canada. …

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Good News – CPS 4th Grade Math Scores Improve

The National Assessment Governing Board Trial Urban District Assessment for 2013 and since 2011, fourth-graders in Atlanta, Chicago, the District of Columbia (DCPS), and Los Angeles posted larger score increases in mathematics than their peers in the nation. READ MORE

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Executive Interview: William R. Waas, Chairman & CEO of the Illinois Technology Foundation

Droid Report recently interviewed William Waas about his current role at ITF, the evolution of some of today’s technologies, insights on mobile and business, and the Foundation’s upcoming plans for FY 2014. READ MORE

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Gartner: 4 Disruptive Trends Changing the Future of IT

Campus Technology By Dian Schaffhauser Like volcanic activity creating new islands in the Pacific, the education sector is continually rebuilding itself through the latest disruptions in learning, instructional practices and business models. The same is happening within the IT department, as users — faculty, staff and students — bring new technologies into play. Recently, IT research firm Gartner held an online talk to share …

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Insights from the 2013 IBM Chief Information Security Officer Assessment

CSO On Demand Webinar With increasing attention focused on the CISO and calls to transform and broaden the role into something more than simply a protector of the enterprise, organizations face a number of key questions around information security leadership and critical security capabilities. Do I have the right team and competencies? How do I compare to other information security …

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IT executive salary, career and project ambitions: Roadmap 2014

SearchCIO – The highest paid senior IT executive who took our IT Salary and Careers survey was a CIO who made $1.48 million (bonus included) in 2013.The average total compensation for this group of 466 senior IT executives was $164,000, and 50% of these executives expect their total compensation to rise by 5% in 2014 — in line with the raise …

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IBM Predicts Next 5 Life-Changing Tech Innovations

InformationWeek IBM unveils its annual “5 in 5” list of technology breakthroughs that promise to change how we work and live within five years. Real promise or PR fantasy? IBM issued its eighth annual “IBM 5 in 5” list Tuesday, Dec. 17, once again noting five potentially life-changing innovations that will make their mark within five years. The theme behind …

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Too Few Women in Fed Tech Jobs; Too Many Challenges for Them (12/16/13) Brittany Ballenstedt Women remain underrepresented in information technology (IT) and other science and math fields, according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) Women’s Work Group report. For example, the report found that women account for just 31 percent of federal IT positions. The gender disparities in the federal government are in part a result of women …

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Safia Abdalla, Northside College Prep class of 2014, has been named a National Winner of the Aspirations Award in Computing from the NCWIT.

Safia Abdalla, class of 2014, has been named a National Winner of the Aspirations Award in Computing from the National Center of Women and Information Technology [NCWIT]. Safia is one of 35 young women from across the nation selected for this honor and the only recipient from Illinois.  This caps a three year run for Safia. She won the Illinois …

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