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12 predictions for the future of programming

By  | InfoWorld  We gaze into our coding crystal ball to find the sure bets and intriguing developments developers should target in the next five years.To help you prepare for — or at least start contemplating — a future that’s screaming across the sky faster than we can see, we’ve compiled a dozen predictions about how the next five years of programming will shake out. Our crystal ball is very subjective, and some of the following conjectures might not prove universal. Some won’t be fully realized in five years. Others are already true, but the extent of their truth is not as well-established or widely known as it will be fairly soon. Some may surface as half-truths because some faction of coders may take a different path. Some might even be flat-out wrong.

Despite all of those caveats, there’s truth here in the main. Read them quickly because the future is changing faster than we know.  READ MORE

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