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IT Growth Outlooks and Trends in 2013

The biggest disrupters for tech today—cloud computing, mobility, social media and big data–will continue to, well, disrupt in 2013. That’s why CIOs must stay on top of the latest trends if they are going to help their companies stay competitive. It’s a tall order, given that by the time you read this sentence there may well be two or three new IT developments that could make or break your odds of success. But, as one trend reveals, the C-suite is recognizing more than ever the important contributions that CIOs and their tech teams make to the bottom line. In turn, that means executive leadership will continue to turn to CIOs for sage guidance on these topics. To help fine-tune your radar, CompTIA has come up with the following 10 trends that will drive tech for the next year. They’re all part of a recent, comprehensive CompTIA report, IT Industry Outlook 2013. Read More

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