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ITF Contributes to start up organization Chicago Girls in Computing

Chicago Girls in Computing


This group will provide a friendly environment for high school girls in the city of Chicago who are interested in technology, whether it be as a career or as a hobby. Chicago Girls in Computing wants to encourage girls to stay involved with technology, as well as provide girls who have no experience with technology an opportunity to get involved.

What I’m Raising Money For:

Girls will be communicating online via Facebook in order to share their experiences in computing. Additionally, we hope to be able to host monthly meetings where we will offer members the opportunity to take a technology related class (programming, Lego robotics, etc.). Money would go towards buying all of the resources that the girls would need to attend these classes.

Why You Should Give:

As a young woman in computing, I want to inspire other young women to get involved. Young women need to be encouraged to explore technology and they are vital in fulfilling the need for computer scientists. I see this group as a way to provide girls with the support and mentorship they need as they explore the world of technology. Sometimes all it takes to keep moving forward is encouragement.

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