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Nine Ways to Advance Your Career

By Dennis McCafferty

In the continuing seesaw ride that has defined the present job economy, IT employment opportunities appear to be on the wane, according to research published by Janco Associates. While 78,900 tech jobs have been added in the last 12 months, there was only a net increase of 5,400 positions in March. That’s a steep decline from the 9,800 added in January and essentially the same as the numbers from February. This means you should continually strive to increase your value in the workplace, regardless of whether you are looking for a new job or are happy where you are. To help the situation, Janco has come up with the following nine best practices for advancing your career. Some of them address the need to sharpen your tech insight. But it’s not just about the knowledge you accumulate. It’s important to use that knowledge to benefit your peers, management and the company. It also helps to avoid being the office hermit who hides in his or her office. Instead, go out and look for new ways to benefit the users in your enterprise. READ MORE

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