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One view of today’s IT job market

June 18, 2012, 5:29 AM PDT

Takeaway: Scott Lowe shares some information he received from speaking with Russ Hearl, Director of Ecosystems and Partners for eLance.

Jobs going unfilled

During my discussion with Mr. Hearl, he indicated that a great number–upwards of 10%–of jobs posted on eLance go unfilled for various reasons.  Sometimes, there just isn’t someone available that can perform a particular task, but in many cases, employers are also asking too much for too little.  That is, employers aren’t paying enough in some cases.  Additionally, some employers aren’t adept at writing good requirements, which could lead to confusion about what is actually expected.

So far, for 2012, here are the skills that are being requested for which employers are having difficulty locating contractors:

  • SQL Server
  • Windows
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Internet Security
  • Technical Support
  • Scripts & Utilities
  • Network Administrator
  • VOIP
  • Network Programming
  • FTP


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