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Nextgov – The talent pipeline of female workers in science, engineering and technology fields is on the rise, yet many women – faced with hostile work environments, extreme work pressures and isolation – are fleeing these in-demand fields in droves. That’s according to “Athena 2.0,” a new report by the Center for Talent Innovation, which surveyed women in science, engineering and technology …

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Creating an All Documents View in Outlook

In Lotus Notes I had an All Documents View. Now that I’ve migrated to Outlook, is there any way to access an All Documents View?   Even though Microsoft Outlook does not have an All Documents View by default, you can quickly create a view in which you can view all your Outlook mail regardless of which folder it resides …

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Top 10 States for IT Jobs

Go Illinois! We are ranked number 4!! READ MORE

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Moving Documents Using the “Drag and Drop” Feature in SharePoint 2013

The “Drag and Drop” feature is one of the greatest new features in Microsoft SharePoint 2013. You can use this feature when moving one or more documents. You can drag and drop documents from one folder to another, one library to another and from windows explorer to the library. Click here to learn more about this feature.

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12 predictions for the future of programming

By Peter Wayner | InfoWorld  We gaze into our coding crystal ball to find the sure bets and intriguing developments developers should target in the next five years.To help you prepare for — or at least start contemplating — a future that’s screaming across the sky faster than we can see, we’ve compiled a dozen predictions about how the next five years of programming …

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Getting Started with Office 2013

As a new user to Microsoft Office 2013, you may find yourself wanting to change some of the default settings. For example, if you don’t want to see the Start screen for each app or you want to change the color scheme. Click here for step by step instructions on how to change some of the basic default settings in …

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Disruptions: The Holodeck Begins to Take Shape

The New York Times (01/26/14) Nick Bilton Holodecks similar to the simulated-reality rooms seen on “Star Trek” could be available by 2024, according to some scientists and researchers. Computer companies, Hollywood, and video-game makers want to move entertainment closer to reality by enabling users to see things and allow people to move around their living rooms and become part of …

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5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Windows 8.1

Less is More Windows 8.1 takes up less space than Windows 8. In fact, it will give you back 8-15% more storage space on your device.   Multi-Task Use the SNAP feature (the ability to have more than one app screen open simultaneously) and you can resize the smaller window to virtually any size with just a finger swipe. If …

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PowerPoint: Using the Reading View to Deliver a Presentation

We’re going to look at a new, often overlooked feature of PowerPoint: Using the Reading View to deliver a presentation. This feature was introduced in the 2010 version of PowerPoint and carries on into the 2013 version. First of all, let’s set the stage for why this feature can enhance the delivery of a presentation. Often a business presentation involves …

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The Internet of Things: Top five threats to IoT devices

Though having so many devices interconnected can be convenient, it also comes a bevy of new threats. Where do we need to be cautious? By David Geer January 09, 2014 — CSO — The Internet of Things (IoT) is a mass of billions of connected devices from cars to wireless wearable products. Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group estimated 12.5 billion connected devices in …

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