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PowerPoint: Using the Reading View to Deliver a Presentation

We’re going to look at a new, often overlooked feature of PowerPoint: Using the Reading View to deliver a presentation. This feature was introduced in the 2010 version of PowerPoint and carries on into the 2013 version.

First of all, let’s set the stage for why this feature can enhance the delivery of a presentation. Often a business presentation involves more than just presenting PowerPoint slides. You may wish to show your audience other content like websites or spreadsheets. But, in earlier (pre-2010) versions of the software the only option to deliver a presentation was to go into Slide Show view and then advance through your slide deck. If you needed to present content from other sources there were several ways to put this content on to slides (capturing screen shots, copying & pasting content) but these methods only showed the other content as static pictures that could be displayed on slides. For some content you really needed to show “live” content (actively working websites, Pivot tables, etc.) that you could interact with during your presentation.

There were a few ways to do this in the older (pre-2010) versions:  You could have inserted hyperlinks or Action buttons on to your slides, so you could click on them during the presentation and launch the files or websites you wanted to share with your audience. However, there was a drawback to this technique – the other content then had to launch and load into the proper application. Depending on where you were delivering a presentation and the speed of your internet connection this could have meant several minutes of waiting while the other content loaded, which also meant your audience had to wait along with you.

Click here to read more about presenting a PowerPoint  presentation using the Reading View.

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