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Six Sigma Certifications are in High Demand

For individuals, attaining a certification means increased job security, additional career opportunities and increased credibility in the workplace. For businesses, hiring certified workers means higher customer satisfaction, increased productivity and lower employee turnover.


Directions Training offers flexible education options to gain certifications faster, including one on one attention with instructors, and empowers students to land their next job.


Green Belt, Black Belt, and Lean Leadership Training and Facts

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Green Belt is a structured problem solving methodology developed by Motorola that uses data and statistics to make decisions.


Lean Leadership

Lean is a business methodology developed by Toyota that focuses on generating value for the customer by developing people, eliminating waste and reducing cycle time.


Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Black Belt covers in depth principles and tools in the methodology (Defining, Measuring, Analyzing, Improving and Controlling).


In-Demand Jobs:

  • Certified Six Sigma Manager: $67,000
  • Buyer Strategic Sourcing Subassemblies: $115,000
  • Process Excellence Manager: $93,000
  • Dir. Lean Program: $200,000
  • Dir. of Continuous Improvement: $109,000
  • Lean Facilitator: $75,000
  • Sr. Plant Engineer: $105,000
  • Continuous Improvement Coordinator: $71,000
  • Sr. Performance Improvement Consultant: $96,000
  • Lean Continuous Improvement Engineer: $91,000
  • Lean Manager: $89,000


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