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Talent Shortage Puts IT Pros in Great Position

While the situation isn’t as dramatic as it’s been in recent years, U.S. employers are still facing tremendous challenges in talent recruitment, according to a recently released survey from ManpowerGroup. And IT professionals rank very high among those who are in demand. As a result of this shortage, companies are redefining standards that once sharply limited the pool of viable candidates. They’re willing, for example, to consider an applicant who doesn’t meet formal qualifications if he or she demonstrates great potential to learn and grow. “U.S. employers have awakened to the realities of the talent shortage and are implementing innovative strategies to work through the business challenges it brings,” says Jonas Prising, president of ManpowerGroup. “As talent shortages in key areas persist, we need to focus on training programs that create opportunity for employers to fill talent gaps, and for job seekers to obtain an in-demand skill and achieve employment security.”  READ MORE

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