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Technology Is a Profession in Flux

If you can count on one thing when polling IT workers, it’s contradiction, and IT staffing firm TEKsystems’ “IT Professional Perspectives 2013” survey is no exception. Consider this: While the 2,400 IT professionals polled ranked good pay as the best thing about their profession, only 6 percent said it was the main reason they’d choose to work for their dream company. And there’s more. Nearly 70 percent of those polled said that demand for their services would always outpace supply, yet 42 percent are worried about their long-term career prospects. The takeaway? Because technology changes so fast, no one knows exactly what the IT profession will look like down the line. One thing IT pros do seem to agree on, though, is the belief that they’ll need to constantly expand and improve their non-IT business skills if they want to keep their career on track. They expect to steadily become more aligned with business functions, fueling the need for them to possess a more balanced array of business and IT skills. “Just as the technology landscape is evolving,” says Jason Hayman, TEKsystems’ market research manager, “so too are the skills required for IT professionals to have stable, rewarding careers.” Read More

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