Chicago Girls in Computing

The Illinois Technology Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the development of the technology talent pipeline in the State of Illinois.

Illinois Technology Foundation is happy to announce our partnership with, and extend our welcome and support to a great Chicago tech organization: Chicago Girls in Computing (CGC). CGC’s mission aligns perfectly with several programs that ITF works to achieve, and below is some information about this great up and coming organization.

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Vision Statement:
“Chicago Girls in Computing wants to encourage young women to stay involved with technology, as well as provide others who have no experience with technology an opportunity to get involved. Young women need to be encouraged to explore technology and they are vital in fulfilling the need for computer scientists. Chicago Girls in Computing is a way to provide girls with the support and mentorship they need as they explore the world of technology. Sometimes all it takes to keep moving forward is encouragement.”

The group will feature the following:

  • Monthly meetings will allow all of the girls involved to get together and discuss problems they are facing as well as ask questions. Additionally, some meetings will be brief classes covering different aspects of technology, i.e. a programming class, a robotics class, etc. Meetings will be geared towards addressing what computing means to each of us as women, why it is important to stay involved in computing, and how it is possible to become a woman in technology.
  • Social media and online communication will provide ways for the group to stay in contact throughout the year. Facebook and Meetup will be the two forms of communication used. Facebook will allow for daily discussions and Meetup will be used as a calendar for events. Additionally, fundraising will use the web application Piggybackr.
  • An opportunity to work and talk with women who are already in the field. By reaching out to local businesses, we hope to be able to find women who are interested in being mentors to our members. Their role will involve attending monthly meetings for discussion panels as well as to be available for contact if any of our members have questions.

Ultimately, this organization will help inspire and encourage girls to get involved and stay involved with technology. By having a group of committed and supporting women by their side, this organization will be there to help our members reach out to their community/school to spread the support to others in computing.

For information joining this organization, or any other inquiries, please contact:

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