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The Foundation is a collaborative organization working with other organizations across the region towards common goals.

Advancing Women in IT

Advancing Women in IT

The Advancing Women in IT Community is dedicated to empowering women with the knowledge and skills necessary to help their pursuit of successful IT careers, as well as to inspire women to enter the IT field as a career choice. The community is a vital information resource, provides mentorship and networking opportunities, develops member-driven initiatives and programs, is active in legislation involving women and careers, and is actively involved in pursing the overall objectives of the CompTIA – ECAP (education, certification, advocacy and philanthropy). Members of this group are women who are currently in or aspire to be in IT careers and men who support this mission.

Chicago Academy of Advanced Technology (CAAT)

Chicago Academy for Advanced Technology

The Chicago Academy of Advanced Technology (CAAT) is a new Chicago high school launched in 2009. Six hundred Chicago high school students annually will be taught using 21st century educational methodologies to fill 21st century technology related jobs. This approach will be combined with mentoring from local technology professionals to support the creation of the next generation of the region’s technology leaders.

Genesys Works Chicago

Genesys Works Chicago

Genesys Works’ mission is to enable underprivileged high school students to join the economic mainstream by providing them the knowledge and work experience required to succeed as professionals in the corporate world. Genesys works to help underprivileged students break through environments of low expectations and discover that they can succeed as professionals in the corporate world. A transformation takes place in the lives of Genesys Works’ students as the four areas of our development program (Technical Skills, Professional Skills, Work Experience and College and Career Connection) are required in a culture of high expectations.

Upon completion of the program, Genesys Works’ graduates are armed with valuable skills, relevant work experience, and the drive to obtain a college education. A primary goal is to have over 95% of the students attend post-secondary education upon completing the program as they experience first-hand that further education is their key to better jobs and higher incomes.


i.c.stars was formed in 1999 to develop 1,000 Community Leaders by 2020 in Chicago. Using project-based learning and full immersion teaching, i.c.stars provides an opportunity for change-driven, future leaders to develop skills in business and technology for high-level careers in information technology (IT). i.c.stars offers a unique two-year program that provides an opportunity for low-income young adults to develop advanced technical and leadership skills while earning an Associates Degree.

The program begins with a sixteen-week internship that immerses participants into the technology sphere, where they learn and master business, leadership and technology skills. After the initial training period, eligible participants are promoted into our residency and fellowship programs. The first role is as an i.c.stars “resident” working to deliver social media management for i.c.stars paying clients. After a period of 4–8 months, individuals can get promoted within our social media organization, or can opt to move into our Corporate Fellowship Program working as i.c.stars fellows on technology projects at major corporations in the Chicagoland area with our consulting partners.

i.c.stars participants gain real life experience by learning to problem-solve client business issues, build web applications, create business plans, and manage projects. Upon entering the residency program, i.c.stars provides college counseling and assists with enrollment into an Associates Degree program at the City Colleges of Chicago to obtain additional credentials and expertise. Participants who complete their i.c.stars requirements and their Associates Degree receive full-time job placement assistance for career opportunities at some of Chicago’s top companies.

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