Fifty For The Future®

Nominations are open for 2016

The Illinois Technology Foundation (ITF) announces that the search for this year’s Fifty for the Future® for this year.

The ITF Fifty for the Future® mobilizes academia and industry to support students across Illinois universities who aspire to greatness in the field of technology. Faculty are invited to submit nominations for individual students or the student can self- nominate and have the nomination supported by faculty. Submitted students will be reviewed by a team of industry leaders, highlighting those who compel the technology industry forward.

In its 10th year, this event will honor Illinois students who have proven determination and foresight through their education and deeds in the application and development of technology. This annual competition culminates in an evening of celebration, highlighting the students themselves and the Foundation’s work with industry and academia in bringing real world experiences into the classroom to assure a steady stream of future technology workers and leaders for Illinois.

The awards are open to all students from high school juniors to graduate students that do not graduate before March 15, 2017.

Student Self Nomination

Students are encouraged to self nominate themselves. The process is simple and takes less than 15 minutes to complete the nomination form. Students are evaluated on characteristics like leadership, communications skills and community involvement. The Foundation believes strongly that LinkedIn is the resume of the future, therefore this years nominees are encouraged to build out their LinkedIn profile. We have provided a couple of tutorials below to assist you in that process. Once your nominations is complete it will be automatically forward to the faculty member identified on your application. Your instructor will certify that you are a student in good standing and worthy of this award. Your application and LinkedIn profile will be reviewed by a group of judges from the information technology community.

Faculty Nomination

Faculty members: Do you have students in your classes worthy of recognition for their outstanding character and academics? Then we encourage you to nominate those students for this honor. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete the form. Once the Faculty Nomination form is submitted, we automatically notify the student and request that they complete their Student Nomination form to start the review process.

Please feel free to review the following tutorials that will assist you in making your LinkedIn profile more powerful and visible to the hiring community.


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