Mentorship Program

The Mentoring Program is a flexible program that allows mentors and mentees to partner and participate without fixed dates for entry or departure from the program.


Overview of the program

The ITF Mentoring program is designed to be flexible and fit into both the mentor and mentee work and school schedule.  We recommend mentees/mentors to commit to at least 10 weeks.  By mutual consent, we encourage mentees/mentors to maintain their partnership beyond the 10 weeks. We encourage mentors to invite mentees to corporate/professional events i.e. workshops, seminars, conferences, exhibits.

For the mentorship program to be successful, we require each participant to provide a brief profile about themselves.

  • Become a Mentor Today!
  • Learn about the Foundation Mentorship program
  • Network with Mentors, Mentees and Foundation Board Members
  • Learn about other Foundation programs
  • Mentees will have an opportunity to identify a Mentor

Remember, applicants are required to become a student member of the ITF Student Technology Club. Membership is FREE.


Benefits for the mentee:

  • Gain invaluable guidance from a working professional mentor.
  • Opportunity to create and develop a professional network in Chicago.
  • Explore the opportunities available within your discipline of interest.
Suggestions for the mentor:

  • Basic mentor requirements that are typical of any mentorship include face-to-face meetings and phone/e-mail conversations.
  • We encourage you to include mentees in additional activities which may include, but are not limited to, workshops, industry conferences, fundraising events, company team-building sessions, sporting events and meetings.


In the event the mentor or mentee feels that the partnership is just not working they have the option to end the partnership.  In order to do that with courtesy and professionalism, they should first contact one of the Mentor Committee members (contact information below).


To enable the committee to continue to effectively develop the program there will be a survey that mentors and mentees will be asked to complete (on the ITF website)

Margaret Milkint

Managing Partner at The Jacobson Group

My mentor experience was enriching and impactful.  I had the pleasure and the opportunity to share, partner and learn from an amazing and talented young professional whose maturity, energy and candor was refreshing and quite powerful.  We built a trusting relationship, we set goals and milestones and we achieved them!  When a mentor-mentee relationship evolves to a partnership, and even a friendship that is when the magic happens.  I was inspired and I believe she was too.

Mark Griesbaum

President – Online Services at TCS Education System

I found the program to be so rewarding as a mentor. It is important for all of us to “give back” to others and share our experiences and the things that have influenced our careers with others. I also view this experience as a great learning for myself. I enjoy learning what others are doing in the early stages of their careers, and their perspectives certainly help me be much more sensitive and open to new ideas and thinking. The mentorship program through ITF is a wonderful experience, and I look forward to continued involvement.

Current Participants (updated 4/11/14)

Please note that it is up to the mentee to initiate contact. Download the complete program guide from the link above. If you do not see your name in the list, please contact us.


Andre Allen, Vice President – General Dynamics Information Technology (

Andrew French, Director, EMR Implementation & Operations – Advocate Physician Partners (

Dave Kamath, Managing Partner  – Querion Services LLC (

Derrick Massey,  –  (

Dr. Mike Strnad, Program Manager – Dell (

Elaine Robbins-Harris, Professional Development Consultant – Innovative Solutions Consulting (

Ella Revzin,  –  (

Farhan Siddiqui,  –  (

Geoff Nyheim,  –  (

James Zou, Technical Product Manager – Trustwave (

Jessica Tello,  –  (

Jessica Williams, Infrastructure Supervisor – McCormick Place SMG (

Lindsay Austin, Owner + Founder – TapePlay (

Maxim Agaronov, Application Developer – Brickfish (

Robert  Tricarico, President – Trius Services, Board Member ITF (

Roy Rao, Consultant – Lavastorm Analytics

William Waas, Chairman & CEO – Illinois Technology Foundation (



Past Participants



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